An accounting professional oversees the management and reporting of the financial data of an organization or business. They are responsible for bookkeeping, reconciliation of bank statements and ledgers, and management of income and expenditure accounts and reports.

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Effective financial or accounting staff should have the following skills:

Specialized Accounting skills

Accountants should be able to work with financial documents to organize large sets of data.

They should also have great knowledge of the General Accepted Accounting Principles and Accounting Processes.

These are regulatory standards related to corporate and public finance that ensure financial reporting requirements are met to maintain integrity in an organization`s account practices.

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Technical Skills

A good finance or accounts officer should be knowledgeable of a wide range of budgeting and financial and management software.

Most of their job requires using account spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets and reconciliation software like Intuit QuickBooks, Sage 50 Accounting, and Sageworks ProfitCents. However, one should enrich their knowledge with more than that.

Here is an outline of software that every accountant must be knowledgeable about:

For analysis and financial reporting: 

  • Brentmark Estate Planning Quickview software
  • Delphi Technology software
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Financials software 

For tax preparation and financial statements:

  • ATX Total Tax Office software
  • CCH ProSystem fx TAX software
  • Intuit Lacerte software
  • Orrtax Software IntelliTax Classic

Compliance Software include:

  • ACCUCert software
  • FLS eDP PAYROLLtax software
  • Intrax ProcedureNet software
  • Paisley Cardmap software

For project management:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Enterprise resource planning software:

  • Microsoft Dynamics software
  • NetSuite ERP software
  • Oracle PeopleSoft Financials software
  • SAP Business Objects software

For database reporting us:

  • ADP Super Report Writer software
  • SAP Crystal Reports software
  • FileMaker Pro software

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Ability to Prepare Financial Statements

Financial statements determine your organization`s financial stability. A financial officer should be able to prepare income statements (profits and losses), cash-flow statements (movement of cash assets), and balance sheets (a real-time view of equity, liabilities, and assets).

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General Business Practices Knowledge

There is an advantage of taking business courses along with accounting courses, for example,  one can do a bachelor`s degree in accountancy in conjunction with an MBA or concentration in leadership and management.

This gives financial officers great knowledge in business operations to enable them to understand better the financial needs of different departments within and outside their company.

It also helps solve clients' problems easily.

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Data Analysis Capability

Financial data is what determines every company`s success. That`s why an organization`s financial data is its greatest asset.

Every outcome of a company`s operation is dependent on its financial data, to enable it to analyze and compile critical raw data.

A finance professional should also have knowledge of data query language to enable them to extract information from large data volumes, identify patterns in business data assets, locate errors, and identify frauds.

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Critical Thinking

 As an employer, you need an employee who is an independent thinker and researcher. You need someone who can explore different problem-solving options and use deductive and professional reasoning to approach them.

You need a person with a keen eye on the bigger and fine details, who is able to apply accounting practices to both old and new financial data to point out problems and come up with solutions within financial ethical standards.

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Organizational Skills

Being organized as an accountant enables them not only to produce efficient results but also helps them to be timely.

With many projects that come along with the financial department, accountants should be able to handle many projects in a short time. 

A great accountant organizes their records neatly for easy reference, which gives employers trust in the employee over the organization`s financial information.

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Time Management Skills

Knowing how to prioritize projects accordingly is key to effective financial results. A reliable accountant keeps track of their project schedules. This enables them to meet clients` deadlines and satisfy their needs.

Sometimes urgent projects may be given along with the ongoing ones, best accountants know how to reorganize their schedules to make deadlines adjustable.

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Communication Skills

Communication skills don`t only imply language proficiency, but also the ability to know what words can build or destroy a business.

Financial officers should know what kind of language to use with people from different walks of life.

A perfect financial officer is able to break down accounting language into an understandable language to any person.

Having good communication skills also allows a financial officer to collaborate well with others in an organization for the success of the organization`s projects.

To write understandable reports and emails, written communication skills are essential.

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