10 ways to best manage remote workers
to success

By Daniel M. Rover, CEO

Until two years ago, most of us did not have to consider how to successfully
manage remote workers toward successful results. Now, it is a challenge most all
of us face.
SHRM, or the Society for Human Resource Management, outlines 10 “best
practices” for managers of employees working remotely in today’s changed world.

  1. Set expectations early and often. Managers should keep workers up-to-
    date on policy and staffing changes, company successes and tips for
    working at home.
  2. Be flexible and organized. Be open minded about letting employees
    work flexible hours. As long as the job gets done, it does not matter what
    time of day the work is completed.
  3. Adapt the length of meetings. Consider short virtual huddles instead of
    lengthy meetings.
  4. Track your workers’ progress. This provides your team with a set
    expectation and the structure team members need to succeed.
  5. Emphasize the importance of communication. Doing so keeps workers
    apprised of deadlines and available resources.
  6. Remember to listen. You have two ears and one mouth for a good
    reason! And when you get the feedback you ask for, do something with
    it if at all possible.
  7. Build connections and be available to your team. Many workers feel
    isolated and disoriented under today’s unusual circumstances. Good
    managers make a habit of being available to team members.
  8. Provide a way to communicate. Provide a shared document that tracks
    work activities that team members can access. This keeps every team
    member on the same page.
  9. Be cautious with micro management. Trust that if team members are
    clearly communicating and meeting goals and deadlines, they are being
    productive and effective.
  10. Celebrate success. Just like you would in the office, having fun and
    sharing the team’s success is an important tool and morale booster.

We are all learning how to manage with workers scattered all over. Good luck in
using these tips to make the process smoother and easier.

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