Fifteen of the fastest growing jobs in the
next decade

By Daniel M. Rover, CEO

As you consider the future and how it will impact your career, it’s important to
realize the need to be forward looking and anticipate changes in society that will
shape the job market ahead.
First, consider the coming and ongoing retirement boom. As the baby boomer
generation reaches retirement age, considerable demand for workers will increase.
That creates an opportunity for job candidates.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists these career paths and potential annual median
earnings as among the fastest growing. Keep in mind the annual earnings will vary

  1. Wind turbine service technicians: $56,230.
  2. Nurse practitioners: $111,680.
  3. Solar photovoltaic installers: $46,470
  4. Physical therapist assistants: $59,770.
  5. Home health and personal care aides: $27,080.
  6. Epidemiologists: $74,560.
  7. Speech-language pathologists: $80,480.
  8. Animal trainers: $31,520.
  9. Crematory operators: $28,420.
  10. Actuaries: $111,030.
  11. Interpreters and translators: $52.330.
  12. Respiratory therapists: $62,810.
  13. Nursing instructors and teachers: $75,470.
  14. Phlebotomists: $36,320.
  15. Software developers: $110,140.

Good luck in choosing a fulfilling and rewarding career!

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