9 Reasons Why You Should Look To An IT Recruiter For Your Next Job

By Daniel M. Rover, CEO

An IT recruiter is time efficient. Because an IT recruiter has a database of open positions and access to clients in need of able candidates, you save time searching for available jobs that match your qualifications. This task takes less time than you doing it on yourself, and you get the most suitable and well-paid job efficiently.

They assist with your interview preparation. When you talk with an IT recruiter, they help you prepare better for your interview. IT recruiters often have existing relationships with employers, so they help you with more extensive information about the company and the hiring manager, and are able to give you a heads up on what to expect during the interview. They also give you the job details, what to expect from the employers, tips on how to win them over during your interview, what to say and what not to say, and how to answer the basic IT interview questions. This way, you’re more prepared than you would have been.

They give you access to jobs you didn’t know existed. You know how frustrating it is to see jobs that have been online for an hour and they already have hundreds of applicants? There are job opportunities that aren’t known to the public, and IT recruiters, can help you find out about them before they get posted online. Most tech firms use connections to employ candidates, so having a recruiter looking out for you can give you a jump on the competition.

They help you avoid overexposure. Overexposure is when your resume or cover letter is all over the internet. Some hiring employers are looking for an exclusive candidate who isn’t accessible to multiple employees. With the help of an IT recruiter, you can avoid overexposure, as recruiters store your resume in their private database. When a suitable job opening is available that the recruiter thinks you are suited for, your resume gets sent out and has the benefit of being recommended by someone the employer trusts.

IT recruiters protect you from job scammers. Occasionally, job searching on your own can put you at risk of job scammers, especially when your resume is overexposed. Job scammers can ask you to go to an unspecified online location or ask for more personal details you shouldn’t be sharing on a website. With an IT recruiter, you won’t have to worry about being a victim of a job scammers because your information is secured. IT recruiters also connect you with real jobs that fit your skills.

They are intentional about placing candidates. IT recruiters don’t get paid until you get a job, so securing a placement for you is the extremely important to them. This alone drives them to be more competitive and attentive to finding the proper position for you and connecting you to the right employer. This mindset, drive, and effort can promise to help you in your job search.

They help you with your specialized skills. Some careers require a unique set of skills, so it can be hard to find a job if you keep applying to positions that can’t see the value in your skill section. If you fall into an industry that requires specialized skills like the IT industry, you might want to consider using an IT recruiter. They have a better knowledge of technical skills, and, they may have other jobs that would be suitable for your skills and experience, even the ones you often didn’t consider.

IT recruiters help you do all the undercover footwork. So maybe you’re thinking of changing your career or current company, using an IT recruiter is the best step. They work like an undercover IT spy that help you find the job position you deserve without affecting your current work position. Their network and connection to hiring managers and companies help you blanket numerous organizations and find options based on your choice. They also answer any questions that you may have about the organization and the roles available so you can know if it is worth pursuing the risk of leaving your current position.

They give you the necessary feedback. Sometimes, after your interview process, you may not get any response or feedback from the interviewer, which can be frustrating. With an IT recruiter, you’ll get immediate feedback regarding your performance and how your interviewer perceived you. If you need clarification in certain areas, a recruiter could also help you with that. You get a feedback to help prepare for the next stage or continue with the job search.

If you are currently on a job hunt, consider talking with an IT recruiter for your job needs. With their many resources of IT connections and networks, they can help you secure a position in no time and reduce your stress. If you don’t have a recruiting firm looking out for you, check out the Confiance Career Connection website (www.confiancecareerconnection.com). We’re ready to talk with you!

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