What Companies Are Looking For In The Best Qualified IT Job Candidates

By Daniel M. Rover, CEO

Demand for qualified and talented information technology workers continues to grow, and employers are working hard to select candidates for employment who are most likely to succeed. Companies are seeking candidates with strong IT job skills who are capable of saving them money by spotting inefficiencies and keeping abreast of new technologies. Here are five characteristics sought while seeking IT candidates:

1. Flexibility. The best candidates will need to work a flexible schedule and live close to the home office. IT managers are often on call and need to be ready in an emergency to troubleshoot problems, reboot systems and solve problems. Due to the uncertain time demands, IT technicians need to be willing to work more than 40 hours a week when necessary.

2. Personality. Companies are looking for likeable, friendly and helpful IT employees who not only have the knowledge of IT but a history of stability and strong work relationships. The best candidates will have a personality and nature that fits in with the company and existing employees. And the strongest candidates will display a willingness to learn on the job in a field where technology is constantly changing.

3. Excellent communications skills. While many IT professionals may work alone, they often work on teams with other departments, such as accounting. Managers seek candidates for IT jobs who can speak knowledgeably with not only fellow technology experts but with non-technical employees as well.

4. The ability to solve problems. Computer systems are becoming more complex and IT professionals need to be able to expand a system and make adjustments as necessary. Computer systems are under attack from viruses, spammers and even the system’s own users. A company’s profits and productivity depend on the IT professional to stay ahead of these threats.

5. Education. Increasingly, IT professionals are expected to hold a four-year bachelor’s degree to break into the field. A bachelor’s degree with work experience is even better. In addition, employers are looking for a candidate’s professional certifications, such as those offered through product vendors, computer associations and other training institutions. It’s helpful to have taken courses in marketing, accounting and finance as well to provide a well rounded and deep background.

Good luck in finding an opportunity in the field of information technology.

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