Advice for young people looking for a satisfying and rewarding job

By Daniel M. Rover, CEO

I’m often asked what advice I would give to young people just starting out who want to find a satisfying and rewarding job.  Fortunately, in today’s environment, young people have a number of choices as employers often have more jobs than candidates to fill them.

Here are five tips that may be helpful:

  1. Chart your own course. While it is important to seek advice and counsel from others, you do not have to follow the route that everyone tells you to follow.  Build your own career and have a personal “brand.”
  1. Take the time to try different things.  It’s not unusual for young people to not know what they want to do when just starting out.  Try different jobs prior to committing.  While in school, take advantage of internships, paid and unpaid, to get a taste of different careers. And find something that you enjoy
  1. Know yourself.  Take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses.  This will help you judge opportunities that best fit your skill set, and result in more opportunities for growth.
  1. In the end, make your own decisions. Many will tell you what they think you should do.  It’s important to listen to input and advice, but bottom line, you should decide.
  1. Be happy. Life is too short to spend it in a job in which you are miserable, not treated properly or not given guidance that leads to growth and opportunity.  If you are unhappy in your job, do something about it.

Good luck.  You have a ton of opportunities.

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