Expected Average Salaries

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Expected Average Salaries

By Daniel M. Rover, CEO

It is important to know what the average salary is in the field you choose to enter.  We have put together some average salaries for a few industries so that you will have a good idea of what you will make per year and whether an offer is within the ballpark.

 Attorney$62,250 – $311,500
 Paralegal$32,250 – $107,250
 Office Manager$56,250 – $160,250
 Legal Secretary$33,750 – $77,500
 Legal Specialist$31,000 – $89,250
 Contract Administrator$59,500 – $125,750

*(salary depends on experience level and size of firm)

 Physical Therapist$95,620
 Dental Hygienist$77,810
 Nurse Practitioner$120,680
 Physician Assistant$121,530
 Registered Nurse$77,600
 Occupational Therapist$85,570
 Home Health Aide$29,430
 Licensed Nurse$63,800
 Clinical Laboratory Tech$57,800
 Radiologic Tech$61,370
 General Practitioner$208,000
 Medical Records Tech$44,090
 Software Engineer$92,215
 Systems Administrator$64,574
 Software Developer$76,039
 Network Engineer$70,715
 IT Project Manager$86,939
 Systems Engineer$69,229
 IT Consultant$77,024
 Data Analyst$68,612
 Data Scientist$104,174
 Cyber Security$77,869
 Network Administrator$60,641
 Help Desk Technician$40,288
 Bank Branch Manager$166,000
 Bank Compliance Specialist$90,300
 Bank Operations Officer$81,600
 Bank Regional Manager$220,000
 Bank Relationship Officer$72,100
 Bank Risk Analyst$105,000
 Credit Analyst$84,000
 Credit Card Fraud Investigator$107,000
 Internal Bank Auditor$102,000
 Loan Clerk$37,100
 Loan Processor$45,800
 Mortgage Advisor$76,200
 Mortgage Funding Manager$142,000
 Mortgage Processor$47,500
 Mortgage Servicing Clerk$37,700
 Mortgage Underwriter$37,700
 Bank Teller$36,100
 Chief Financial Officer$196,250
 Accountant*$60,000 – $80,000
 Financial Planning Analyst*$65,000 – $115,000
 Internal Auditor*$68,000 – $115,000
 Tax Accountant$65,000

*(amount depends on experience level)

 Account Handler$77,000
 Analytics Manager$79,400
 Brand Manager$156,000
 Chief Marketing Officer$168,000
 Creative Writer$64,000
 Digital Marketing Manager$132,000
 Market Research Analyst$107,000
 Marketing Associate$55,100
 Product Developer$124,000
 Social Media Specialist$96,000
 Broadcast Tech$49,050
 Camera Operator$60,350
 News Journalist$48,370
 Public Relations Specialist$62,800
Office Administrator/Office Support  
 Office Manager$79,179
 Administrative Assistant$48,860
 File Clerk$31,907
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