The Confiance Career Connection, LLC can connect you with professionals who can deal with any complexity of medical care that your clients require.

Being one of the top healthcare agencies in Nashville, TN, we carefully examine our healthcare candidates to provide you with reliable healthcare staffing services.

Here is what to expect from our staffing agency:  

Health experts with the ability to handle different healthcare levels

Different levels of care in the healthcare industry refer to the complexity of medical care a patient deserves.

To provide the best results, healthcare officers should be skilled in knowing what level of care one requires.

We scrutinize our candidates for the following healthcare-level knowledge and skills:

Primary Healthcare

Also called an essential healthcare system, this level`s services are mostly carried out in the community. It involves providing services such as health awareness, health promotion, prevention and treatment of diseases, and palliative care.

This is people-oriented care that involves primary care doctors such as:

  • General practitioners
  • Family practice doctors
  • Internal medicine doctors
  • Gynecologist
  • Geriatricians 
  • Pediatricians

The Healthcare industry deals with saving lives; therefore, it requires highly skilled individuals. That is why the Confiance Career Connection, LLC is dedicated to delivering only excellent health staff.

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Secondary Healthcare

Services at this level are mostly offered in hospitals. In this stage, a primary healthcare provider refers a patient to a more specialized healthcare provider according to the medical attention required.

Some of the services provided at this level are:

  • Cardiology or renal specialist clinics
  • Planned operations
  • Rehabilitation (physiotherapy)  

There is a wide range of secondary healthcare specialists, some of who include:

  1. Obstetricians
  2. Cardiologists
  3. Dermatologists
  4. Pediatricians
  5. Gynecologists

We are a recognized medical staffing agency in Nashville, TN with a trustworthy record at healthcare centers in Los Angeles, Houston, and other big cities.

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 Tertiary Healthcare

This is a highly specialized healthcare level that requires complex and advanced treatment and procedures. 

Highly qualified, experienced specialists handle medical cases at this level. It requires specialized equipment, intensive care units, and diagnostic centers.

Some of the healthcare services offered include:

  • Transplant services
  • Specialist Cancer management
  • Advanced neonatology services
  • Cardiac surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Complex medical and surgical procedures
  • Severe burns management

The specialized doctors required in this level are:

  1. Medical Oncologists
  2. Neurosurgeons
  3. Cardiothoracic surgeons
  4. Cardiologists
  5. Endocrinologists
  6. Gastroenterologists
  7. Hepatologists 

At Confiance Career Connection, LLC, we offer highly specialized healthcare staffing services to high-level government and private medical institutions.

Human life is precious, and it`s our priority that the sick get the medical attention they deserve. That`s why our experienced medical staffing team carefully examines the candidates to deliver only the experienced healthcare staff.

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Quaternary Healthcare

This is the apex of all healthcare levels. Quaternary healthcare services are offered in a few national and international hospitals. The experts who offer these services are rear to find as well.

Services offered at the quaternary healthcare level are:

  • Uncommon diagnostic, surgical procedures, e.g,
  1. Heterotopic heart transplant
  2. Hemispherectomy
  3. Osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis
  4. Rotationplasty
  • Experimental medicine and procedures

Some of the specialists required in this healthcare level are:

  1. orthopedic surgeons
  2. Cornea Specialist
  3. Pediatric Neurosurgeon
  4. Cardiothoracic surgeons
  5. Highly skilled Dentists
  6. Specialized Ophthalmologists
  7. Radiologists

We are one of the highly experienced recruiting firms in Nashville, TN, which knows where to find these individuals.

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