We are a staffing agency that can connect you with skilled staff to enhance your company`s data security and financial growth.

Being experts who have provided career connections services to various companies in Houston and other big cities, we know what is needed of a professional IT expert.

When you recruit your IT staff through the Confiance Career Connection, LLC, expect staff with this expertise:

Computer Infrastructure Knowledge

This is the IT foundation service. It defines how a computer network is set up using different hardware and software components. Here are the components of IT infrastructure:


Every IT expert should have a vast knowledge of switches, routers, personal computers, data centers, and servers.

Great knowledge of the facilities to store, cool, and power a data center is also a must-have.

Computer hardware skills allow an IT expert to connect an organization`s network to access the outside world or communicate with the devices or people involved in the network. It also helps to store data or recover lost data.

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Software refers to the programs used in an organization. They include programs like web servers, content management systems, and the operating system—like Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS.

The Operating system manages the hardware and system resources. It connects the software and computer hardware to enhance efficiency.

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This is an IT infrastructural component that enables the interconnection of computer network devices to allow the management, operation, and exchange of data in the network.

Computer networking involves firewalls, security, network enablement, and internet connectivity.

It is the responsibility of an IT professional to ensure networking runs smoothly in your company to enable better operations.

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Database Management

This is a skill that involves collecting, organizing, storing, and securing data in a computer in a way that it can be accessible.

An IT expert should be able to store large amounts of data in a centralized place where users of a particular system can easily find it.

They should also be skilled to design data management software in a way that it can replicate data in different servers to enable it to detect and handle failures.  

Provision of duplicate data also shows weakness in an IT expert`s skills. A qualified IT officer should be able to organize a better database architecture for efficient use in the company.

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Human Resource and Procedures

Human resources are the formal policies that a company takes to manage its employees. Meanwhile, human resource procedures are the instructions that specify the actions to be taken to adhere to such policies.

IT officers are responsible for ensuring that every department uses the organization’s resources in accordance with the rules set.

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