These individuals oversee a company’s brand and product marketing. Their goal is to increase brand awareness for a company’s current and potential clients. They use strategic messaging for target audiences which ultimately increases traffic and sales.

Marketing is a form of business communication that helps sellers to convince others to buy their products or services.

To be an effective marketer, one is expected to:

Be a good communicator

Communication is the heart of marketing success. To create proper awareness about a product or service, one needs to be good at written and spoken communication.

Every piece of information, be it text, audio, video, or graphics, counts in marketing and should be convincing as possible to have an impact on the company`s intended goal.

Marketers have to know what types of communication work better. For example, good communication skills help marketers to:

  • Collaborate with designers and create effective logos.
  • Create direct marketing communications.
  • Construct consumer surveys.
  • Develop rapport with clients.
  • Interview sales staff to gauge customer responses to brands.

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Public Speaking

Public speaking is a must-have skill for marketers. They should properly understand their company`s product or service. This enables them to have confidence and pitch groups of potential buyers and address any issues that arise.

Using software like Prezi and PowerPoint is important to run presentations in public, and so marketers should equip themselves with such knowledge as well.

Qualified public speakers are required to:

  • Have attention to detail
  • be able to conduct focus group discussion research
  • have the ability to demonstrate products
  • be able to educate sales staff regarding brand viability
  • Be able to pitch marketing plans to groups

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Analytical Thinking

A marketer who offers products and services that the audience needs succeeds in their business. This is only possible through in-depth analysis to know the clients` needs, which allows one to offer relevant services and products that satisfy the clients.

Here is a breakdown of the analytical process that marketers conduct to make their business successful:

  • They analyze consumer survey data.
  • They examine consumer demographics and preferences.
  • They test different marketing plans to see what works best.
  • They apply the principle of segmentation to marketing cases to deliver more personalized services and products.

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Excellent marketers focus on being timely and staying ahead of their competitors. Therefore, they always think of new exciting ways to deliver products and services that entice their clients.

This is possible through:

  • Brainstorming new fashions per the current trends and new themes for advertisements
  • Developing new affordable concepts to develop new products and services to cut the organization`s expenses and increase profits
  • Coming up with press releases concerning new products and services
  • Developing loyalty programs to offer incentives to repeat customers to entice them to buy more
  • Assessing product packaging options that will persuade clients
  • Creating convincing advertising copy

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Technology Expertise

Conducting a successful marketing plan both online and offline needs technical skills. When carrying out presentations to crowds, knowledge of PowerPoint is helpful. 

However, when marketing online such as through email marketing and social media, one needs to be skilled in using the email marketing and social media marketing tools to automate campaigns, run giveaways, and track results so as to know what does or doesn`t work.

Here is a quick outline of the essential technical knowledge marketers need to have:

  • Ability to use search engine optimization software to conduct online competitor analysis
  • They need to know how to use the email marketing software to segment email lists, do email testing, and track action rates.
  • Email marketers should be able to review competitors` websites to find their strengths and weaknesses and improve their business based on that.

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Organizational Skills

In marketing, one needs to plan well and be disciplined. Marketers need to be punctual for their appointments and at the same time ensure that their online campaigns run smoothly.

This requires sticking to their schedule. Knowing how to prioritize tasks helps one stay organized.

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Customer Service Skills

Marketers deal with many people. They should, therefore, have an in-depth knowledge of the company`s products and services. This enables them to explain their company’s services to clients in a simple language.

Besides, a marketer should be prepared to handle complaints and criticism from clients. Sometimes products turn out or break. They should look for ways to compensate them and clear any doubts about the products.

Effective customer care skills for marketers are:

  • Effective listening skills
  • Empathy
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Persuasion

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